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MODERN: “MOdelling and DEsign of Reliable, process variation-aware Nanoelectronic devices, circuits and systems”
Funding agency: EU
Project manager @ UniMORE: Paolo Pavan

The objective of the MODERN project is to develop new paradigms in integrated circuit design that will enable the manufacturing of reliable, low cost, low EMI, high-yield complex products using unreliable and variable devices. Specifically, the main goals of the project are:

• Advanced, yet accurate, models of process variations for nanometre devices, circuits and complex architectures.
• Effective methods for evaluating the impact of process variations on manufacturability, design reliability and circuit performance.
• Design methods and tools to mitigate or tolerate the effects of process variations on those quantities applicable at the device, circuit and architectural levels.
• Validation of the modelling and design methods and tools on a variety of silicon demonstrators.

The project website is up and running at the following URL: