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Photo Name Title Office E-mail Phone
Foto di Alessandro Bertacchini Alessandro BERTACCHINI Assistant Professor DISMI


Foto di Mattia Borgarino Mattia BORGARINO Associate Professor DIEF +390592056168
Foto di Alessandro Chini Alessandro CHINI Associate Professor DIEF +390592056164
Foto Fausto Fantini Fausto FANTINI Professor (retired) DIEF  
Foto di Luca Larcher Luca LARCHER Professor DISMI +390522522625
Foto di Paolo Pavan


Professor DIEF +390592056158
Francesco Maria PUGLISI Associate Professor DIEF +390592056324
Luca SELMI Professor DIEF +390592056165
 Giovanni VERZELLESI Professor DISMI +390522522605



Photo Name Doctorate Research Topic E-mail Phone
  Nicolò ZAGNI ICT - 33rd Cycle Characterization of electronic properties of new materials for innovative devices (non-volatile memories, high speed transistors, neuromorphic devices). +390592056320
  Denis BRANDALISE ICT - 34th Cycle Simulation and Characterization of Massively Parallel Electronic Sensing Nano-Devices for the Internet of Things/Internet of Health. +390592056320
  Tommaso ZANOTTI ICT -34th Cycle Innovative Architectures for Low-Power Computing and Applications +390592056320