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ISOTRACTOR: "ISOBUS solution for agricultural machineries"
Funding agency: Regional Government (Emilia Romagna – Italy) under the program “Dai distretti produttivi ai distretti tecnologici”.
Project members/Partners
ARGO TRACTORS (coordinator, Italy)
WALVOIL (Italy); COBO GROUP (Italy); COMER INDUSTRIES (Italy); ARAG (Italy); OGNIBENE (Italy); Re:LAB (Italy).
Project manager @ UniMORE: Luca Larcher
Start date: 01/04/2010
End date: 30/10/2012

This project will aim to develop an open hardware-software ISOBUS compatible infrastructure enabling the partial automation of tractors and enhancing at the same time their operational safety and production efficiency, with the positive effects of reduced accident risk and environmental impact. In this sense it is expected to apply a systems approach addressing farm level integration of information technology, communication technology, automation and robotics, along the lines of the call for proposals indication. The project will contribute to develop the ICT infrastructure, sensors, actuators and control strategy of the next generation agricultural machineries. Such a novel ICT technological platform will be compatible with ISOBUS, an emerging standard for the communication among agricultural machineries and implements. Project activities will embrace several topics and will be organized in 4 work-packages: 1) ISOBUS software solutions for the digital management of agricultural operation and the functional safety; 2) energetically autonomous (i.e. with energy harvesting capabilities) Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) systems; 3) Innovative electro-mechanical actuators; 4) maintenance and diagnostics for agricultural machineries.